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Phoenix Plays Sold Out Show in Vancouver

Published: January 24, 2010

First one lone dancer jumped up on the stage, followed by two of his friends, who pulled up two of their friends, until, despite the weak protests of security, approximately 200 excited fans rushed the stage. Though things looked bleak for a moment (how can they play when completely surrounded by fans?), with barely a pause of surprise, Phoenix finished their song and went on to play their smash hit 1901 to a crowd – and stage – full of roaring fans.

And if that was how it ended, you can only imagine how good it began. Vancouver band You Say Party, We Say Die, started off the night and clearly had their own following in the audience. A shout of “We like you better!” could be heard as they announced Phoenix would be up soon. But unfortunately for fans of the band, at the Orpheum unless everybody stands up, no one can. And though their hyper set definitely called for you to get up and dance, they didn’t succeed in getting fans out of their seats quite like Phoenix did.

As the French boys of Phoenix took the stage, the energy in the room was electric, and the crowd was already on their feet and ready to dance. They started things off with their hit song Lisztomania, to which the crowd danced and sang along, and things didn’t slow down from there.

The band played a balanced selection of songs from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and some of their older songs. And though hits such as Lasso and Fences were great, one of the highlights of the night was getting to hear some of their older songs, especially Napoleon Says which stood out as a song that really got everyone moving.

With an eager audience clapping along to Rome and a dancing light show to keep the beat during Consolation Prizes, the energy at the show on Friday night was unbelievable and the music was even better. It’s no wonder that the show ended the way it did.

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