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Oh My Heart by Mother Mother

Published: April 5, 2009

Consisting of twelve songs that individually could be listened to over and over again without losing their attraction, Oh My Heart is the second album from the Vancouver-based band Mother Mother.

Mother Mother is Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Jeremy Page, and Ali Siadat, and they have created an album that is equally quirky and brilliant. While many of these songs are about love and relationships they couldn’t be further from your typical cheesy pop song.

In Hayloft, the band sings a comical warning to young lovers, “my daddy’s got a gun, you better run”. The sweet and very unique song Ghosting tells the story of a ghost haunting you while you sleep.

“Would it be so bad if I stayed?

I'm just a ghost out of his grave

and I can make love in my grave

I won't put white into your hair

I won't make noises in your stairs

I will be kind and I'll be sweet

if you stop staring straight through me…”

Throughout the track, and the album, metaphors abound and Ghosting is definitely not just a token holiday themed song.

Overall the album is a unique experience and one that should be repeated daily. With rhythms that will take you out of any workday slump and charming yet intricate lyrics that encourage contemplation, Oh My Heart by Mother Mother is an album worth every listen.

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