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Master of the Art

Published: January 20, 2010

On Masters of the Burial Amy Millan masters the art. The album starts off slow and ends much the same way, but it is the quality of what’s in the middle that makes it a beautiful sophomore album from the indie songstress.

On Old Perfume, lyrics such as, you’re like an old perfume/that brings back memories/that old, forgotten tune/that I now recall, speak to the sentimental listener. Whereas, the last track, Bound, shows a lighter side and has more of a country feel to it:

It only took two days

'til Johnny got locked up in jail

the other guy didn't die

but he won't be walkin' for awhileHer cover of I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard cannot be ignored. It is cast in a new light as the sad lyrics are complimented by a more upbeat, folksy melody that highlights the beauty of the somber song.

All of the songs on the album feature Millan’s smooth voice that weaves together all eleven tracks and whether singing to charming or somber melodies she sparkles.

Masters of the Burial is an elegant collection of genuine songwriting and real heart. It is like a well-developed relationship and is a breath of fresh air compared to the shotgun weddings that fill most of the airways today.

Samples from the album, including the delightful Death Cab cover, can be heard online on Amy Millan's MySpace page.

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Joel Brown Trio at Corduroy in Kits

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