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Lisa Mitchell's enchanting album is a Wonder

Published: September 16, 2009

On her first full-length album Wonder Lisa Mitchell, an Australian singer-songwriter, arranges a selection of sweet melodies and soft love songs. From the catchy Neapolitan Dreams to the most recent single Coin Laundry, Lisa maintains her characteristic gentle vocals and charming lyrics.

On Coin Laundry, the innocent 19-year-old dreams of meeting a boy in a Laundromat. She asks,

“Do you have a dollar, do you have a dollar for me? Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry?”

It is a simple, everyday kind of fantasy that Lisa effectively translates into a song, and its original lyrics, catchy backing rhythms and smooth rhymes keep it from being overly cute or clichéd.

Lisa’s songs feature genuine lyrics and she has compiled them into a diverse collection united by a predominantly romantic theme and her unique voice. While many of the sentimental songs on the album are accompanied by delicate melodies, Mitchell does pull off a heavier sound on So Jealous, with an acoustic guitar and a soulful harmonica in the background. In contrast, Love Letter features heartbreaking lyrics and a somber melody that provides a moment of solemn reflection for the listener while illustrating the maturity of the young artist.

With upbeat rhythms and enchanting melodies Lisa Mitchell’s Wonder is an enjoyable collection of modern love songs and innocent daydreams well suited to listeners looking for a more genuine pop experience.

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