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Joel Brown Trio at Corduroy in Kits

Published: May 23, 2010

Last Sunday, after enjoying a sunny day walking along 4th avenue, I had the chance to check out a relatively new local group, The Joel Brown Trio, at Corduroy restaurant in Kits. The trio features a bass player, a drummer, and (I can only assume) Joel Brown on vocals and guitar. The group is so new I don't think they even have a myspace page - hence my inability to name them accurately. But as new as they are they definitely have their act down.

Initially, only Joel took to the small stage to play some songs solo on his acoustic guitar. His acoustic tunes had the relaxed vibe of a west coast summer and were highlighted by the sunshine that back-lit the stage and the evening breeze blowing in through Corduroy's large open window.

After a few tracks the other guys joined Joel on stage and he switched to an electric guitar. Though the cozy restaurant was already full of a crowd of friends, friends of friends, and hopefully a few strangers, the band’s rock songs quickly became the only noise to fill the air space. The threesome showcased their solid individual skills as well as their ability to preform well together despite having only been playing together for 3 months (at least that's what I overheard from some friends of the band at the next table).

For a listen check out this YouTube video of Joel playing Stormy Weather.

For more info on a self-described local Kitsilano watering hole with live music and good, organic food visit Corduroy's website.

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