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Clementine EP by Washington

Published: February 10, 2010

Though it’s not latest offering from Australia’s Washington, the Clementine EP is five tracks full of sweet melodies and honest lyrics and the only five tracks currently selling on iTunes in Canada.

Washington consists of Megan Washington and, according to her Facebook page, any of the following: John Castle, Ben Edgar, Chris Pearson, Ross Irwin, Lance Ferguson, Ryan Monro, and Des White. Discovered by Australian radio station Triple J’s Unearthed competition in 2009, Washington has developed quite a following in their home country and has over 2000 fans on Facebook.

The first single on the so aptly named Clementine EP is Clementine and is an upbeat revision of the familiar “Oh My Darling Clementine” that will catch your attention with it’s perky pop rhythms and inventive play on a traditional children’s song.


One Man Band starts off with what sounds like a banjo that is quickly joined by a bit of clapping and Megan singing,

“Am not the savior of modern religion not the messiah not a magician / I don’t know why / but I was not meant for this tropical city I drive by your house and hope you cannot see me / I don’t know why I keep coming back cuz this year feels like a heart attack”The song has a backyard sing-along feel to it that contrasts and somewhat veils the interesting lyrics, but it’s so enjoyable it makes me want to listen to it over and over again until I’ve got it all figured out.

Track 3, 80 miles, slows things down and highlights Megan’s melodic piano playing and soft vocals that weave a story through her song.

Fred Astaire sits in the second to last position but is nothing if not a winner. Starting off soft it is seemingly a simple ballad but, as Washington highlights their musical abilities, it is clear that it is deliberate in its placement of piano notes and electric guitar strums and brief upbeat interludes on the chorus.

The album is rounded off with Fighting the Good Fight. A soft ballad that calls the EP to a close and accentuates that which is clear throughout all five tracks: Washington is talented and imaginative and the Clementine EP was and is an accurate indicator of the good things to come.

For a listen to the good things that have since come from Washington visit their myspace page.

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