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She Comes in Close, Pauses Like This

Published: February 1, 2010

she comes in close

pauses like this

mid-joke, by your face

breath slows, the kiss

doesn't happen

as she sets it back

now you're thinking

what's she thinkin'?

when she does things

those things like that


that night she came up

to my room, on my bed

but I knew what it was

why it was that she was

she didn't expect the quiet hall

the vacant floor, life dead

she needed a buffer, anyone

I was found and well, I'm one

this didn't happen 'cause of a crush

we're nowhere near any form of love

are we getting closer?

my room mate's asleep

is she getting closer?

she's leaning on me

I just felt like heading out

I'll do anything to just get out

she doesn't want to see her boyfriend

oh, did I mention she has a man?


I'm sitting across the table

her slender hand jokingly taps

bare knuckles, more than fingers react

I reach over and tap her hand back


I don't get the joke, I just laugh

look at her, smile, and laugh

I don't know what's going on, I just laugh

look at her, smile, and laugh


"I'm getting cold" she said,

an obvious hint I didn't see

we stand outside her place

"it's cold outside" she said

it seems she wanted me

when I thought she wanted me

to leave


1. xxkayluuhxx33 on February 6, 2010

i like this:)

2. stella_russo on March 13, 2010

women, huh? i feel the same about your species. great poem.

Any Comments?


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