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Dear Korea -
so about that break up....

Published: September 29, 2010

Hey K.

Can I still call you K? Is that allowed under our break up agreement?

I'm not sure.

I mean, it has been so may have forgotten about me for a while there.

If you have, I completely understand.

I was the one, after all, who flaked out on you.

But you have to admit that you played a role in our relationship break down.

Don't believe me?

How about when you took away the peanut M & Ms and all other western chocolate from my E Mart?

What - you didn't think I would notice? Were you trying to tell me something? It felt just like that time when a sort-of boyfriend bought me clothes a size too small - "just as incentive".

So maybe I didn't buy them all the time. But I liked knowing they were there.

And don't get me started on your resident's behaviour lately.

Yes, I threw an ice-cream at one. But really, what did you want me to do? He spat at me, Korea. And what did you do? Nothing. I didn't hear a word from you.

Coming on the back of the woman you sent to shove me out of the subway, so I tripped and almost dropped my laptop, it was too much.

Don't forget about the woman who veered her tiny spawn in front of my bike so I swerved and broke my favourite sunglasses in the resulting crash.

And then you went and annoyed some of my friends so much that they just left. It wasn't them K, it was you. You certainly have your positives, but let's face it. You can be pretty bat shit insane at times. It gets to people. It gets to me.

All in all that small globule of saliva (and I am sure there would have been more than a fair share of mucus in there as well, given the effort old mate put into the spitfire preparation), was the last straw.

I just needed some space. The type of space which involves sitting in your apartment staring at the ceiling listening to the sound of your youth, dreams and ambitions drip from your lifeless body onto the floor below.
At least, that was where I was mentally. Physically I was standing in front of a class room trying not to throw children threw the window.

Today though, as I sat in a broken lift between floors three and two of my apartment building, watching as three Koreans pounded on a door which clearly wasn't opening, I thought about us and where we are going.

I may as well admit it now....I had a fling with China. It was brief and it won't happen again while I am with you, but I can't say that it wasn't magical.

I felt that thrill again K. The passion was back. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning to spend the day with China...and the nights....well, I'll spare you those details.

And I won't pretend that I didn't try and see if China and I could extend our time together. In the end though, I came to realise that while amazing, China and me were nothing more than a holiday romance.

You and me....we had something. Something great for a while there. Maybe I've changed. Maybe you have. But the thing is, our remaining time together is limited.

The countdown is on K. You always knew I was moving on with England at some point. That time is getting closer. We could lament what went wrong, or we could decide to enjoy each other for the time we have left.

I am game if you are K.

Me xoxox


1. Loopy on September 30, 2010

Tic toc baby ;)

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