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Linux System Crash

Published: March 14, 2009

Ever wonder what Linux's version of the BSOD looks like? It's not a screen nor is it necessarily blue. Whenever you see your CAPS Lock and Scroll Lock buttons flashing simulteaniously, then that means that your Linux installation crashed.

A system crash usually means that there is a Hardware Malfunction or driver problem. Nowadays software applications wouldn't be causing a system to crash, but something hardware related, such as malfunctioning hardware or bad hardware drivers, would.

Some common solutions to a Linux crash would be to compile and install the newest kernel. If you know that a hardware component might be problematic, take it out and see if the system crash persists. Wireless networking devices might sometimes cause problems as well.

Memtest86, also found on Linux Live CDs, can be downloaded and use to verify the RAM to see it is faulty. RAM modules can be easily damaged and might cause problems if indeed damaged.

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