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Top Tobogganing Hill in Vancouver

Published: December 26, 2008

The best hill to take your toboggan on a snowy day in Vancouver is West Point Grey Academy assuming it is closed for the day, of course. This spot seems to offer the longest run in Vancouver and locals know this well. If you can make it there you will find them merrily flying down the hill as well as trudging back up with plenty of smiles and laughs all the way along.

On the main slope there are a few trees but are certainly far enough out of the way to avoid. There are also more timid slopes for the young ones to learn the joys of tobogganing or tubing.

If your unsure if this is the best tobogganing spot, Google Earth can give you some great insight when using the panning view. If you want to check it out it's at 49°16'0.82"N and 123°12'9.05"W.

Driving in Vancouver during snowy days is usually a bad idea considering the city is ill prepared to cope with the snow but you can get the B-Line over to Alma and enjoy a short walk to the school.

If you know of a better tobogganing slope, feel free to leave a comment below because we're pretty sure we've found number one.


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