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Hula Hoop Australia

Published: November 24, 2009

Finding a quality Australian Hula Hoop via web searching is near impossible.

All sites that appear when the search terms "Hula Hoop Australia" are used do not sell hula hoops and any sites found using other search terms selling hula hoops are in the USA.

After feeling as though I had exhausted all options I ordered a hula hoop through Tailspin, a company based in Philadelphia. It looks to be great quality, and I'm happy with the purchase.

However, after looking at some hooping videos on Youtube, an advertisement for hula hoops in Australia appeared...

Coola Hoops are based in Melbourne and make quality Australian Hula Hoops. They also ship nationally and worldwide. By ordering through their website I would have saved $30 and bought an Aussie hoop.

Sadly their SEO does not seem to be up to par, because on revisiting my Hula Hoop Australia search, they were nowhere to be found on at least the first 5 pages of results (I didn't look further).

C'mon Coola Hoops, get your act together - we want to buy Australian made!


1. DearKorea on November 25, 2009

I just love that you are buying a hula hoop!

2. Nicole on September 9, 2010

try Hoop Empire

Bunny Hoop Star


all australian made....

Any Comments?

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