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10 Things to do in Vancouver on a Rainy Weekend

Published: September 3, 2008

Snow in Vancouver - West 14th Ave

  1. Go to JJ Bean on Commercial Drive and snuggle up with a book, latte and one of their amazing muffins.
  2. Go to the 5th Ave Cinema on Burrard Street and check out the latest indie flick - there's always something interesting playing.
  3. Put on your waterproof clothing and wander - being in the rain ain't that bad! Head down to Kitsilano beach and walk towards UBC, the dark and stormy weather is often the most compelling and dramatic to witness and you're missing out because of a little bit of rain?
  4. Go to Metrotown and ease the blues with some retail therapy.
  5. Call up a couple of your best mates and invite them round for afternoon tea. Bayswater Tea on Broadway and Bayswater has everything you need for the perfect brew, including hundreds of different teas to choose from.
  6. Get up early and go to a yoga class, then treat yourself to brunch at one of the city's best - Caffe Barney on Granville and 14th.
  7. If it's winter head up to the local mountains and go skiing/snowboarding. Remember, if you get high enough it turns to snow and you have fresh tracks all day!
  8. Do groceries - hey, I know this is boring, but there's something good coming... Once you've done groceries go home and make yourself and warm and comforting dinner. Spaghetti Bolognaise is always a quick and easy one that tastes even better when it's cold and rainy outside.
  9. Once you've made your bolognaise sauce, head to the local movie store and grab a classic flick. Walking there in the rain is nice to do, because even though it will be wet and miserable when you're outside, once you get inside again and put on your Ugg Boots and fuzzy robe it will be even more satisfying.
  10. Go to the closest second-hand bookstore and stock up on novels. Vancouver has more rainy days than most, and we all run around like lunatics for three months straight during summer to make the most of the warm weather. So, when the rain starts again and the days are cold and grey, you might as well put your feet up and escape to somewhere warmer...

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