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Disabling Basic Laptop Integrated Devices

Published: March 9, 2009

I have an Asus G1S-B2 gaming laptop. I wanted to disable the mousepad since I wanted to see if it was causing a small but annoying problem. One cannot disable the mousepad from within Windows (i.e. the option is greyed out when you access it through the device manager).

One cannot disable a laptop's mousepad through device manager.

So I had to go to the CMOS settings (i.e. BIOS) in order to disable the mousepad. To access the CMOS, restart the computer and press F2 (not the Delete (DEL) button).

Once you are in go to the Advanced Tab and you will see several options there:

Integrated Pointing Device

Options given: Enable, Disable

Integrated Num Lock Device

Options given: Enable, Disable

Play POST Sound

Options given: On, Off

Speaker Volume

Options given: 1-8

Go to the first option to disable the mousepad. If you want to disable the NUM pad as well, select the second option and choose disable. The third option will disable the sound played when the Asus G1S-B2 laptop starts up. The Speaker Volume allows you to adjust the volume of the speakers. I am not sure if this is just for the POST sound or for all sounds.

Any Comments?

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