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TrueCrypt and SVN: commit issues

Published: October 25, 2009

TrueCrypt and SVN (Subversion) can seem like the perfect combo at first. It's only until it comes time to commit a TrueCrypt volume that things don't seem quite so smooth.


The problem is, SVN doesn't detect changes in a TrueCrypt volume. The reason being, TrueCrypt doesn't alter the modified-date of the volume file. By not changing this date, SVN has no idea the file has changed. SVN doesn't check files against the repository bite for bite because it's a major performance killer.

Now to get around this issue there is an option in TrueCrypt under the - Settings > Preferences... - menu item called "Preserve timestamp of file containers". Un-checking this will mean the modified-date will be modified and SVN will be ready and waiting.

Note: depending on the reason for using TrueCrypt it needs to be said that allowing the file modified-date to be changed can kill the "plausible deniability" that TrueCrypt offers.

Any Comments?

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