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Is Twitter more than Narcissism?

Published: February 28, 2009

Twitter in my mind has always been tied to the idea of narcissism. Where the universe revolves around the self and other people must therefore hear about this so called 'self'.

Facebook have been pushing the idea of status updates - as in the "what are you doing right now?" message - for a number of years and could be seen as one of its most distinct features. It is no surprise then that despite Twitter still lacking a revenue model, Facebook went after them with a deal for $500 million in cash and prizes. Thankfully for the web, Twitter turned them down.

Twitter stands alone in this new media. There are some copy cats out there that have found their niche by being language specific. Facebook has the same type of copy cats and also like Facebook the power of the site comes from the massively high number of users.

Now the interesting thing about Twitter is that it has the potential to reach beyond narcissistic ideas of some of its users. It is more than that. It is a new media unto itself and people are starting to catch on to what this means.

I just caught an interesting talk by Evan Williams demonstrating how this is becoming the fastest way for news to reach the masses. This in itself is massive! It's like dropping a warp drive into the Internet itself and it creates all kinds of new possibilities that people are trying to come to grips with and capitalise on. Yahoo know there is something to this Twitter thing and are doing just that.

Twitter can be great for those narcissistically minded people out there but it looks like Twitter could be worth sifting through if there are jewels to be found.


1. Blythe Seinor on March 7, 2009

Twitter is narcissism... but I have enjoyed watching politicians attempt to capture the youth market by signing up. "Malcolm Turnbull is... in parliament", etc etc.

2. ollie on March 18, 2009

Luke, similar article in the Oz 17 Mar 09 Stephen Lunn "The Wry Side"

3. Katy on July 31, 2009

Facebook is feeding their Narcissism.

I agree they are seeking the younger market as most of younger one's are on the net these days.

Both Malcolm and Christopher Pyne are building up a very large fan base and promoting themselves with many pictures of themselves.

It's also away to invite us to their Liberal fundraising event's.

"Where the universe revolves around the self "

I cannot see how they both can get any work done as they are always on their pages self promoting themselves.

Any Comments?


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