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Manifestation of Disease

Published: June 20, 2009

There are times when illness serves a useful purpose. Disease or illness can be used as a crutch to form part of our personality in order to function in an unforgiving society. A society which is deficient in compassion. In such instances, an ill person may not be ready to give up their condition unconsciously because ironically, it is serving to hold them together. Letting go of the illness would change the part of their identity that they have formed to serve as a survival tool against a threatening environment.

What positive aspects of being sick would one have to give up if they were well? Could we survive the harsh demands we put on ourselves and our beliefs about the expectations our society places on us? For some of us who have been conditioned not to say no, and to take on overwhelming amounts of stress, an illness is the only way our system knows to give ourselves permission to slam on the breaks and attempt to take control of a life that has gone off course.

Physical illness also carries a different status than a mental or spiritual illness. In our society today, it appears as though there is a hierarchy of urgency and social acceptance for disease. To have cancer ranks higher on the scale than a mental or spiritual illness. In fact, we don't even have diagnostic terms for spiritual disease, while mental illness carries a massive stigma. In some cases where families have lost loved ones to mental illness, families have lied to cover up the true cause of death by saying it was a heart attack instead of facing the stigma mental illness brings. Nothing is deemed as urgent or life-threatening as a physical disease. Yet, it is my belief that physical disease often manifests from the disconnect of the mental/emotional and spiritual body.

When we have a strong, clear relationship with our spiritual body, our emotional body, and our physical body, the energy flows well between and through these centres and we are in harmony. On the other hand, an energy blockage in the mental/emotional body due to childhood trauma puts a domino effect into play with the spirit and physical body. How often in my hands on healing work and in my own life, I have followed the physical disease back to trauma! Dark and buried secrets of emotional wounds not given air to heal, take root deep inside the cellular level, manifesting in a disease that finally gets to have a name. As horrific and ugly as it is when a physical illness appears in the body, the relief comes as the energy surfaces and presents a tangible and real energy that can be identified, seen under a microscope, and given a name.

It is a language that is more acceptable and one that people are more comfortable with than for example, the horrific effects of sexual abuse on the psyche. The physical manifestation of the disease seems to carry the same charge of energy, but manifests in a form more digestible for the world to relate to.

So the wound that has been buried in our body gets to come up for air and leeches on to the physical where at least it can be recognized and acknowledged. It can grow comfortably on our physical body like a parasite given food and water. It serves a purpose for us there. For the first time in our lives, it gets to speak and be heard. It might even forge us some extra love and kindness and attention from others that we so desperately have needed yet we don't have to face the real demon head on. It gets reinforced more and it stays hidden in the shadow code of physical disease. It's a comfortable place to hang out for the emotional wound because it gets to voice how angry or hurt it is without actually having to confront it. The mental/emotional pain appears to be replaced with a less stigmatized condition. We have run so far from our pain that it even looks and sounds different which is a relief, yet it's still here and haunts us.

So how can we heal this parasite and get rid of it instead of just pushing it away so it changes shape and eventually kills us? At any point in the journey when things feel too much to bare, a choice is shouted out to us. We can give up the way we have been surviving, and we can start living. If we can gather the courage, safety and support to ask our deep, dark secret wound to come out to the light we can make peace.

The healing comes when we are able to see ourselves for who we really are and accept it. When we make peace with our disease it looses it's power to control our lives. When we listen to what it's trying to tell us and make peace, the body no longer needs to scream and yell at us anymore.

When we find our peace, we respect our body for guiding us to a higher purpose. Things that used to bother us in the past, don't. We even don't need to try to control the outcome or desperately try to heal because we give up the fight, but not in defeat. We realize that there is no fight to fight except the fight with ourselves. We trust our system as a whole including the infinite divine power we are connected to and we just know what we need to do intuitively to be whole again. We give up our need to be right or know what to do and we follow a subtler current that empowers us by moving our legs for us. Effortless and infinitely more powerful we shine.

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