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How to become a Certified Nurse Assistant

Published: August 17, 2009

Nursing Assistants are vital to the operation of Hospitals,Long-term facilities, Home Health Agencies. The Nurse assistant provides care that affects the health and safety of the elderly. The education process from a community college is usually 6-8 weeks, but in a nursing home the education can go as long as 6 months before you take the boards then receive your certificate. The education for this is:

1) Human Anatomy & Physiology

2) Observing & Reporting

3) Charting the medical records (such as bathing, feeding, intake & out-take, vitals, Communication skills these are just to name a few).

In a nursing home the nurse-aid can be caring for up to 15 residents. Home Health agency usually have the certified nurse assistant taking care of one individual. Your job can be very over-whelming.

The field of health care is exciting and dynamic. The nurse-aid relates everything to the Nurses (L P N or R N). The nurse assistant is the eyes and ears for the head nurses. The one thing that you must remember about being a Certified Nurse Assistant is You are there to help the residents (patients) with their A D L's which stands for Activity Daily Living, and most important you must care about the resident (patient).

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