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Magic Tricks and Craft Markets

Published: May 11, 2009

The Channon Craft Market is one of the most colourful events in Australia.

Begun in 1976, in what is known as “The Rainbow Region”, and following a “make it, bake it or grow it” ethic, the market today attracts crowds of 7000 – 10,000 each month.

From hemp products and art, through medicinal oils and body creams to locally-grown fruits and vegetables, home-made clothing and knick-knacks, the market offers something for everyone.

There are more than 250 stalls at each market, which is held on the second Tuesday of every month from 9am – 3pm at Coronation Park in The Channon village, near Lismore in northern New South Wales.

There are stalls where you can tie-dye your own tee-shirt or singlet, have your fortune told, receive a massage, get a hair-wrap or relax with a hot latte or cup of chai.

There are rides and face-painting for children, or they can make their own candles at “Wacky-wax”, a stall Doug and Ingrid run near the park’s permanent playground. Styles are only as limited as the imagination and although hot wax and children may sound a dangerous mix, Doug says there hasn’t been a single accident in sixteen years of operation

The market has a truly vibrant atmosphere, with a different band in the marquee each month and buskers performing throughout the grounds.

One very popular performer at the May, 2009 market was Andrew Elliott as Jardu, the magician, who amazed crowds with his sword-swallowing and entertained with magic tricks and live snake handling. Andrew said, “Jardu is an Indian word which means magic.” Australian born, Andrew spent two years in remote Indian villages where he learned the traditional skills of the Indian Fakirs. The Fakirs are magicians said to have supernatural powers and be able to do amazing feats like sword-swallowing, lying on a bed of nails, levitation and the famous Indian Rope Trick.

Jardu is looking forward to traveling to Canada to perform at the 25th annual Edmonton Street Performers Festival, which runs from 2nd to 12th July, 2009, at Sir Winston Churchill Square in Edmonton.

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