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Wicked Coffee -
Wicked Cafe is now Downtown

Published: October 22, 2008

South Granville's much loved and much frequented Wicked Cafe recently opened it's highly anticipated downtown location. Situated on Hornby Street between Robson and Smithe, the cafe takes everything that Wicked patrons value so much in their local corner cafe, but doubles the size, doubles the coffee (with two espresso machines) and adds a touch of downtown city panache.

From the outside the new location is unassuming but inviting with a solid glass front just allowing a view of the wooden tables and chairs. Inside, there is a bench down the length of the building with two rows of tables alongside.

The staff are Wicked's distinctive brand of alternative, nonchalant funk, but are definitely friendly and helpful. And, their coffee skills are of course top notch.

The downtown cafe sells the same selection of pastries, sandwiches, soups and whole bean coffee as it's Hemlock and 7th location - good news for those that know how good a Wicked sandwich tastes when those lunch hunger pangs set in.

One distinctive, and confusing difference are the coffee sizes on offer at Wicked downtown. At the South Granville location the small and large are 12 and 16 ounces respectively. Downtown you get 10 or 16 ounces, and the prices are the same. Maybe they want to encourage coffee lovers to sample a stronger brew with the 10 ounce. Either way, it's bound to taste amazing.

All Wicked Cafe patrons should definitely take the time to visit their favourite coffee shop in its new location. And, downtown coffee workers and lovers should know there is now an alternative to Caffe Artigiano. The new cafe is at 861 Hornby Street, Vancouver.

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