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JJ Bean House of Coffee Takes the Plunge in Yaletown

Published: March 28, 2008

JJ Bean House of Coffee’s recently opened store on Davie Street in Downtown Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown seems to be creating quite an impact on the local coffee scene. With competition from nearby Blenz, Starbucks and Agro Café they made an ambitious location choice, however it seems to be paying off, with line ups at least 2-3 people deep during most peak times.

JJ Bean’s latest opening follows the formula successfully employed at most other locations – dark wood and red interior, a few comfy chairs and multitudes of tables scattered around the space. They offer their signature gigantic muffins and cookies, as well as sandwiches and other tasty snacks. With a muffin and 12oz latte coming to $5.25 it’s certainly an appealing choice for breakfast on the run.

JJ Bean’s high coffee standards have also been brought to their new location, with latte art adorning each handcrafted beverage. You can be assured their delicious roast, with light hints of caramel, is always perfect in temperature and flavour. One barista creates each drink from start to finish which results in a consistently high-quality drink. So, whether you’re grabbing it to go, or soaking in the cosy surrounds, you will be guaranteed a delicious beverage.

The customer experience is also a pleasure with staff creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. When purchasing coffee a name is required for the order, and as a regular it does not take long before staff are greeting you by name.

JJ’s coffee is roasted in-house at their Powell Street location and can be purchased at all retail outlets. It is roasted in small batches every day and they can even create a custom blend, and roast it for you.

Homer & Davie Street, Vancouver

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