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Caffe Barney on South Granville is a Brunch Haven

Published: November 5, 2008

Caffe Barney is a Granville Street staple. On the corner of Granville and 14th, this local institution serves up bargain breakfasts, café lunch and dinners, beer, wine and spirits.

There is big reputation for Caffe Barney when it comes to breakfast, and diners will not be disappointed. The servings are gargantuan, the service is friendly and prompt, and the prices don’t hurt the hip pocket.

Be warned that unless you arrive at Barney’s at 9am for brunch on the weekend you are likely going to wait at least 20 minutes for a table, but it’s worth it. Grab a coffee from Bean Around the World just next door (it tastes far better than the coffee at Caffe Barney) and settle in for the ride.

Lunch and dinner may be somewhat more of a disappointment, depending on your expectations. The food is pretty traditional café fare, trying to do many different things at a pretty good standard. However, considering the beauty of their breakfast menu, and its home-style goodness, the most logical (and tasty) choice on the menu is one of their burgers.

The home made patties are delicious and include either a side salad or serving of rustic fries to complete the picture for $10.

The unfortunate thing is that the wine list is completely over priced. The $27 red wine (the cheapest) retails for $11 at BC Liquor – and you can tell. If you’re a beer or spirits drinker, that’s definitely the safer option, and prices are fairly standard.

The atmosphere in Barney’s is welcoming and relaxed. The walls are adorned with regularly changing local artwork that is always for sale. The long narrow room has tables down each side that are cosy, but not so much that you have to listen to your neighbour’s conversation (as long as you’re having one yourself that is).

The general feeling is that people either love or hate Barney’s, so the only way to decide which team you play for is to head there yourself!

Caffe Barney is at 2975 Granville Street. Phone 604 731 6446.


1. Robb on April 7, 2009

Shannon is amazing, she makes you feel at home!

2. joe blow on April 11, 2010

Their biggest disappointment, is they don't have a website, or a menu online.. I though this was 2010?

Any Comments?


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