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Benny's Bagels on Broadway, Vancouver

Published: September 16, 2008

Benny's Bagels lives up to its name, serving up a wide assortment of bagels with a delicious range of fillings. Sweet, savoury and in-between, there's something for every taste. A complete range of beverages is also on offer at Benny's including coffees, smoothies and juices.

One of the favourites at Benny's is a Lox bagel, with capers, onions and all the usual suspects. Most bagels cost around $6 - $7. Coffees and other drinks are also priced standardly.

Located at Broadway and Larch in Kitsilano, Benny's has many tables inside and out, with some interesting windows finishings to break up the view of the traffic on Broadway for those sitting inside.

One irk experienced by many visitors is that tables are often occupied by students on laptops, who may not move from their position for hours. But, if you feel comfortable sitting with someone else, pull up a pew beside them and relax. Placing a time restriction on internet usage would potentially alleviate this problem.

While their bagels are certainly tasty, you may need to be prepared to wait. A seeming lack of staff at times means up to ten minutes for a bagel sandwich. Also because of this lack of staff, there is often dirty dishes scattered over many of the free tables - it's never a nice experience clearing your own table before dining.

A quick snack is what Benny's does best (well, relatively quick). Don't go there for the ambiance or cleanliness. Benny's Bagels is at 2505 West Broadway.


1. I Love Food Blog on November 18, 2008

I used to come here all the time for their eggs benny. Haven't been here in a while. Will be sure to pay a visit the next time I'm around the neighbourhood.

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