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Aphrodite's Cafe is 4th Ave's Hidden Gem

Published: May 30, 2008

Aphrodite’s Cafe is a little gem just waiting to be discovered at the intersection of Dunbar and 4th Ave in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Although, given that on busy weekends you can end up waiting a wee while for a table, maybe it has already been discovered! While not located in Kitsilano’s core business area, it certainly attracts a crowd for brunch. At the same time, it avoids competition from other local institutions.

Aphrodite’s Cafe is one of the few brunch places offering something a little different on the menu. Of course you can get good old-fashioned eggs and toast, but rather than pork sausages or bacon, the offering is turkey sausage.

Their breakfast burrito is one of the best around, with piles of melted cheese to satiate your appetite, zesty fresh salsa and organic scrambled eggs.

Their specials are always a delight, with inspiration from India, the ocean and more.

Prices at Aphrodite’s reflect the organic ingredients included in all offerings, but it’s worth a dollar or two more to know that the food you’ll eat is not only delicious but fresh and healthy. A couple can have brunch with coffee for around $30.

Their regular drip coffee is some of the best around, and if you’re not full after brunch (which is highly unlikely) you might want to squash in a slice of pie from their organic pie shop. If not, you can take a slice home for later, or buy a whole pie for a special occasion.

From their website “Owner Allan Christian, farmer and shareholder of Glen Valley Organic Farm in Fort Langley provides nearly all of the in-season organic produce for the restaurant, often picked in the AM and served the same day to our guests”.

Check out sample menus online.

Aphrodite’s Café is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. It is located at 3598 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC.

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