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Redheads: A Most Exciting Fact File

Published: December 28, 2009

Redheads have had a tough time all the way up throught the years of history. Even today we get the occasional slagging but most of us take it on the chin and probably becuase we know we have the best hair colour in the world, and I'm about to tell you why.

According to German studies after putting the sex lives of various women with different hair colours under the microscope they found that redheads are more sexually active than any other woman.

Redheads are meant to descend from the Caledonian Irish and Scottish group, the Picts. Naturally redheads are said to be angry, untrustworthy, be full of sexual fire and a little eccentric. I can vouch for these claims as I am a natural Irish redhead.

Now, down to the good and bad news for redheads. In France redheaded women are treated with the highest respect and, it is considered an honour to give birth to a redheaded child in Denmark.

But, in Corsica if you pass a redhead you must spit and turn around. Bad times.

The last bit of good news for redheads, we don't go grey. Our hair turns a sandy shade and then to white. We have it lucky and we're unique. There's only between 2 and 4 percent of redheads on the earth with the highest percentage of that percentage living in Scottland.

So be proud of your ginger roots, freckled faces and pale skin. Pale skin and red hair is en trend at the moment. Haven't you seen Twilight?

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