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AI Forums - A Growing List

Published: December 18, 2008

There are a bunch of general AI forums and discussion boards out on the web. There seems to be a large community out there but no truly central forum for AI enthusiasts and pros alike.

Google Groups - Comp AIComp AI is built upon the old Usenet forum and now consists of a more formal discussion area.

AI-Forum.orgAI Forums hosted by and has a strange website structure with a hidden set of four discussion categories buried away from the homepage. Once you're in, there's a range of talk from philosophy to small individual projects.

AITalk.netAI Talk is a forum with the hope of unifying the vocal AI community and basing it away from the limitations of the Comp AI and AI-Forum.

Artificial Consciousness ForumSimilarly to AI Talk, AC Forum is trying to build a central area for AI discussions. This forum partially centers on the project of the moderator.

It would be great to have more community involvement in the field of AI. This list covers a few forums but it's far from a comprehensive list. If you know of more please feel free to drop a link in the comments.

Any Comments?

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