Helping the Little Animal Refugees

Profile: Gregg Callow

My main focus on writing is concerned with animals and animal welfare. I am a passionate animal lover and I volunteer at the local animal refuge on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

I have so many interests and I want to write about them all or just one small aspect of them. Writing for me is another way to make sense of this crazy, complicated world we have created.

Writing is another way I feel I am able to share stories of those who can not speak out such as animals and educate people about things they may not know. I want to allow people to see another side or the consequences of actions that main stream media deem un newsworthy.

I live in a small town called Yandina with my two dogs and three cats, all who were rescued in one way or another. By writing on Flick Spin I can see story ideas or blogs every where. The only trouble is trying to find the time to get them all down.

I hope people find my work entertaining and useful. I love feed back, good or bad to keep improving. So let me know what you think.

Latest Articles

Live Exportation - Australia's Sheep Ship Hell

Published: September 6, 2009

Australia is currently the largest exporter of live animals in the world. The conditions on these massive carrier ships are horrendous. Groups fight for the end of live exports but the exporters want it to continue while letting animals die en route.

The Regent's Last Picture Show.

Published: August 10, 2009

The future of the historic Regent Theatre is in limbo as the current lease finishes in mid 2010. Since 1929 it has brought thousands of movie goers pleasure through its pictures and ornate decor. It is a glimpse of a time when picture houses reigned.

Smouldering Toxic Time Bombs

Published: June 8, 2009

Cigarette butts are becoming a massive waste problem due to their slow break down time and the 4,000 chemicals they contain. As smokers are forced outside they are dropping their butts any where due to the lack of proper bins and education.

Latest Blog Posts

Chronicles of an Animal Refuge Volunteer.

Published: January 16, 2010

Volunteering at an animal refuge is a total emotional commitment, driven by a passion for animals and their welfare I will give an insight into what its like caring for homeless cats and dogs.

Latest Fact Files

The Dogs You Won't See in the Pet Shop Window

Published: August 1, 2009

Despite their age, old dogs have a lot to give an owner. You don't have to be brave or rich to give one a home. Puppies maybe cute, but senior dogs deserve a look in as well. Stop stepping over puppy pee and look at the benefits of senior dogs.