Profile: Rebecca Marshall

I have been a journalist in regional Australia for about 14 years, first in South Australia (television) and now on Queensland's Sunshine Coast (newspapers).

Writing is not only my profession, it is my hobby and my passion...along with my little boy, my partner and enjoying life! I certainly could not have gone into a job that did not have words at its core - I gave up on maths in Year 10 and remain convinced today that humanity is broken into two types of people: mathematicians and wordsmiths! You can't be good at both. If you are, you're a freak of nature!

I am hoping to "use" Flickspin as an outlet for my non work-related writing, of which I should do more, and to get some experience with online publishing.

Oh, and I have written a 25,000-word book about my experience conceiving our son through IVF and being in a same-sex relationship - so if anyone wants to publish it, please email me NOW! :-)

Latest Blog Posts

My, aren't we fascinating?

Published: October 7, 2009

How many randoms are in your workplace? Are you one of them? We've all known a dangerous narcissist, an egotistical wanker and a ruthless shark. But what is really making them tick?

Rants and ravings from bad drivers to corporate dominance

Published: August 27, 2009

Blame Charles Darwin for all our bad drivers. And blame the board game Monopoly for Woolworths' move to take over the world.

Using kids as conduits

Published: June 26, 2009

Ahhh kids. They have so many uses...cleaners, cups of tea-makers and mediators in family disputes.