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Blogging | March 20, 2010

1. It has been a substantial amount of time since we last spoke.

2. So long, in fact, that I feel the need to itemise and number my talking points so as not to confuse my undistinguished brain.

3. I may also use footnotes*.

4. I hope you are OK with this.

5. Where to start?

6. Japan.

7. I went to Japan and learnt how to snowboard. On the first day I fell over almost 40 times.

8. But more importantly, I went to Japan and spent time with my friends Ryu** and Jess*** in their town of Myoko.

9. The three of us slept in the same room and talked until the wee hours of the morning.

10. Jess said she imagined I would have been the kind of child that other parents would hate to have at their house for a sleepover. Because I would talk so much after the light was out.

11. She was right about that.

12. But I’m fairly certain that on this particular occasion Ryu was the conversation instigator.

13. Each time my eyelids sealed shut, and my mind ventured off to a world where I was married to Sam Worthington, a voice in the darkness would ask: “So how’s Melody?****” Or say: “I can’t believe Grogey***** has dreadlocks, man! Grogey, man!”

14. During my stay in Myoko we captured a moment known as “Extreme Facials Japan”.

This refers to an evening the three of us (and Grogey) shared in Brisbane about eight years ago. We went to a coffee shop for a warm beverage quite late in the night. The woman behind the counter was displeased by the late hour and made “Extreme Facials” as she prepared our coffee. It amused us greatly for many years to come, and was the catalyst for the "Extreme Facials" series of photos.

15. I hope Ryu and Jess will visit me in Seoul so we can capture “Extreme Facials Korea”. I may also show them some other cool stuff during their visit.

16. I love Ryu and Jess (and Grogey for that matter).

17. ******

18. *******

19. Anyway.

20. After I left Ryu and Jess, I stayed with my friend Luke Lickfold and his girlfriend Kyomi in Tokyo.

21. I love Luke and Kyomi.

22. They took me on a food tour of the city.

23. We started with a plate of traditional Japanese food (with names I cannot remember), then moved on to chicken on a stick, then sweet crepes, then wine and cheese at their apartment.The next day we had the most incredible sushi I have ever had IN MY LIFE (capitals for effect) at a place called the Standing Sushi Bar.

24. The week in Japan was one of the best weeks of my life.

25. Since returning to Seoul, I have been ardently studying Korean.

26. I am currently reading a book in Korean, called Little Mouse.

The book is intended for Korean children aged between two and four years old. It is about a little mouse who puts on his hat and takes off his hat. Then he turns on the light and turns off the light. The little mouse runs and then he walks. He laughs and then he cries.

27. I would continue, but I don’t want to spoil the ending for you.

28. My enthusiasm to study is due in part to this man.

His name is Moon-Soek. I think he looks like a Calvin Klein model. He is also lovely and funny. We have been spending some time together.

29. In other news, the 16- storey building next door was finally completed a few weeks ago.

30. I celebrated by dancing in my room to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack as I believed this would mean an end to the construction sounds that have plagued my life since the day I arrived in Seoul.

31. Unfortunately, my celebration was premature. I did not see the preparations being put in place to commence construction on the 16-storey building directly opposite my building.

32. Sigh. The construction sounds continue.

33. It’s a good thing I love Seoul.

34. That’s all for now.

*Like this one.

**One of the world’s most awesome people.

***Another one of the world’s most awesome people.

****A person I miss all the time.

*****Luke McGovern. Luke, or Grogey (as he is commonly called) is the creator and administrator of this wonderful site, Flickspin. He had dreadlocks for a short time, which seemed out of character for a man who once revelled in phrases such as “damn hippies”, “bloody hippies” and “smelly hippies”.

******Am I using too many footnotes? I think I might be. I will stop now. It reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slapstick in which he wrote “hi-ho” at the end of many paragraphs. He noted that he would probably go back and take the “hi-hos” out before publication, but obviously never did.

*******Please don’t think for a moment that I am comparing my writing to that of Kurt Vonnegut. That would be like comparing discounted sausages from Coles with a thick and rich cut of steak from the organic butcher at Cotton Tree (on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, the World).


1. Becky Irvine on March 20, 2010

Aww, Blythe, I love your quirky, itemised, footnoted update.


Ps. The boy is cute ;)

2. Samala on March 20, 2010

ditto :-) xxxx

3. Anonymous on March 20, 2010

Your so much fun to read about! But im still waiting for some random mention.

4. Melody on March 21, 2010

Loved this. Great catch up. Write regularly now please. That is all. I love you.

5. mcgyver on March 21, 2010

Feeling the love. I really am.

6. Nikki Parkinson on March 22, 2010

See point 28. More details (many more details) required. That is all.


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