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A Very Konglish Christmas

Blogging | December 23, 2009

I probably shouldn't have favourite students.

But the fact is, I do.

However, it's not an exclusive club.

It's actually quite easy for a student to make their way to the top of my list.

The student simply needs to do one of the following:

1. Make an effort in class.

2. Appeal to my vanity by saying either "Miss B beautiful!!", or "Miss B fashion leader!!" or "Miss B look like Angelina Jolie!!".

3. Write me a letter in Konglish.

I received many wonderful Konglish Christmas cards this week.

I would like to share two of those with you now, from two of my favourite students, in this special post titled: A Very Konglish Christmas.

1. Saya, class 1-6, wrote:

Dear My love miss 'B',

Hello, teacher!

I'm your cute girl "Sae-a".

Merry Christmas N Happy new year!

2010... I'm eighteen (?)... yes...

I'm meet (sorry) I'll meet you of vacation!!

Because English camp!!!!

Are you happy? me too~ ye baby :-)

Ah!! Miss B~ I like your fashion~..

I love it!! Good~~

New Year come to me! But i don't like that..

Now other people say "Hey student or Baby" is not..

"Hey woman (women?)... Woman? um... i like say "Baby" :-(

You give first Christmas for Korea!!

How do you feel? Good? or exciting?

This Christmas is snow or rain

wow~ good~... Oh, no!! I'm not finish..!!

teacher! I'm alway bless you~

see ya!!

From Miss B's love "Sae-a"

2. Mina, class 1-6, wrote:

Dear.. Miss B!..

Hello! miss B. my name is mi-na

um.. :-) pretty girl....... :-)

Now fast time.

This Chritmas is happy Chritmas?

I hope... happy chritmas!!!!

Winter vacation I miss you!!!!

um~ I love you.

Have a nice day.......

Last class.... I'm so sad.... next class.... see you?? maybe?... um... no? NO????!!!!

haha miss B!

I remember you~ ok?

Happy Chitmas~~ kiss

Bizarre Korean fact: Christmas Day is considered a particularly special day for couples in Korea. Many couples venture to the Lotte World amusement park (one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the world). The cinema is also a popular Christmas Day destination. Movie tickets across Seoul are generally sold out at least a week in advance.


1. Melody on December 30, 2009

Dear Miss B,

I love you, ok? You have happy christmas? We talk soon, ok?

Um....I love you,

You favourite student, class BrisVegas,

Melody (Mer-o-dy)

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