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Lately, I've done a lot of 'soul searching' and came up with absoulutly nothing (sept that I should invest in a dictionary), and then I sat down and wrote a piece about blowing someone up, which is pretty much tyoical me. Besides writing, I think music is the only thing that I really live for. They are both my escape into another, sometimes better, sometimes worse, world, and even if David Guetta don't have smilley eyes, it always gets me going, whether its ideas or something else. Music, Writing, Life. :)

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Carlus Seenus - Chapter Uno

Published: January 6, 2011

The untroubled treo return home to Elevency, only to find an unwanted surprise on their doorstep

The Small Matter of Hennison

Published: January 3, 2011

Carlus is awfully good at getting himself into trouble, a skill be found easy to pass on to his niece. But now things are going from bad to worse because Carlus has messed with someone he probably shouldn't, and now even his best friend may be against hi

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