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Wedding Madness

Lifestyle & Culture | February 24, 2009

Weddings are always a blast (in my opinion) and this past weekend saw my first, and oldest, friend get married to her partner of 8 years. Being in my late 20s you'd think I'd have more married friends, but this was the first.

It was a beautiful location on a beach in Mackay. And, after months of rain and flooding in the nearby countryside, the day was picture perfect sunshine. Although, being fairly high up north, it was also muggy and humid, so as a bridesmaid I was a little worried about walking up the aisle with sweat staining my green silk dress.

Luckily the sweats held off for a few moments, allowing me to get through the ceremony stain-free. But, when some ants started crawling on my foot I got somewhat nervous. Knowing me, I would get bitten mid-ceremony, scream out, and ruin the entire occasion. However, the ants seemed only interested in exploring the contours of my painted toenails.

Weddings do always baffle me a little, there is so much effort, organisation and money spent to culminate in one day of celebrations. I can see the meaning and importance of deciding to commit to one person for the rest of your life, but at minimum you are spending $15,000 doing it.

On top of this, it's likely that the guests will spend about $10,000 on presents, and more on travel and accommodation. If the government wants to inject some spending into the economy it seems like a good way to do this would be to encourage all the youngins to get married! Instead of a first homebuyers grant, how about a $2,000 first marriage grant?

A cheap wedding would generate a minimum of $40,000 in spending, as a guess, and an expensive one could be anything up to $100,000. If the economy is going to recover, I reckon a few weddings could give it a kick start!

Cynicism aside, it was an amazing day, with lots of great people, good food, and more importantly, good wine! But, it does make me think about whether I want to invest my money into one day of drinking and eating, or use it for a deposit on my first home.

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