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Vancouver serves up it's best...

Lifestyle & Culture | November 2, 2008

Yes, I write a lot of food and drink related articles, and despite this blog's title I'm for once not talking about food. No, this time I'm talking about what Vancouver really serves up best, and that's rain. Yes folks, the rain has started and we must now resign ourselves to about 5 months of this tiresome and grey weather. So, riding my bike to work will be a lot less frequent, and yoga will reign as the exercise of choice over the dreary winter months.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the rain, because in a place like Vancouver where there's rain, there's snow (or at least snow on the nearby hills). So, I will have to endure 1.5 more months of idle raininess before I can hit the slopes at either Whistler, Grouse, Cypress or Seymour. I'm actually really looking forward to hitting Blackcomb Mountain. So far I've only boarded Blackcomb once, and I had an absolute blast. I found it's terrain much more suited to my riding style, so when the freshies come, so will Bay.

Unfortunately, this bleak, rainy, hellish weather also means that a lot of my other weekend activities (which usually involve strolling somewhere in the sun) have also come to a halt. I've found myself cooking my own brunch at home (god forbid) and spending the rest of the day sitting on my fat arse complaining about being bored, then eating something, reading a bit, sitting on my far arse and complaining some more, then going to bed. What a life I lead! I think I need some inside hobbies, and I do have some (Photoshopping and Lightrooming) but the weather and my lack of enthusiasm for going outside have meant that I haven't taken any photos worth a damn in ages. Catch 22.

Maybe I should pull out the old sewing machine and whip something up, then I could wear it around the house and make my complaining sessions a little more interesting... Or, I could repair my black work pants that I haven't worn for a year because they have a rip in the side. There are lots of things to do, and I think I need to start taking some of my own advice - what to do on a rainy weekend in Vancouver???

Lucky for me, I have a party to go to every Saturday night for the next four weeks, so I won't feel so bad for sitting round the house all day!

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