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Day 3 - Traveling in Relative Discomfort

North American Travel | June 3, 2009

Drinking wine at Le Pichet in Seattle

So, as it turns out, the hardest thing about leaving a city after 3 years of calling it home isn't packing up and shipping your belongings home, selling a house full of furniture, or cleaning the apartment for a safe security deposit return. No, it isn't any of these things. In actuality, the hardest thing about leaving is saying goodbye to all the friends you've made. I've left lots of places before, and called quite a few towns home, but most of my leaving has been in Australia, where I know I'll be back again. In contrast, I will likely never live in Vancouver or Canada again, and therefore, I will never be able to hang out with my Vancity friends in the same way. This realisation didn't hit home until about 7pm on my first night in Seattle, and when it did hit, it hit hard.

I have made all my friends sign binding contracts to come and visit me in Australia once this 8-month mammoth is complete, so while the visits may not be as frequent, I'd like to think they will still be there.

So, onto the 8-month mammoth I suppose. Here is a breakdown of some interesting events from the past 3 days.

  1. The hydraulic lift for admitting wheelchair passengers onto the bus broke down on the Seattle to Portland trip. The poor woman who needed to get on had to sit and wait while they figured out how to manually operate the lift, and also watch a whole bunch of passengers wait too. After an hour to get her in, and 30 minutes to get her out, we made a 4.5 hour trip to Seattle (already quite long) into a 6-hour trip.
  2. Someone died in our hotel on the first night of our trip... can you believe it? I'm hoping it's not an omen of any sort.
  3. There was a convicted felon sitting behind us on the trip from Seattle to Portland. As we're driving through Longview I take my earphones out for the first time and hear, "They extradited me to Longview prison because where I was staying got too full"... wish I'd kept listening to my iPod. I think I might get some sort of slash-proof neck guard to wear on the Greyhound. There could be a market there actually!
  4. There's a heatwave in Portland. After wandering down the street to check out the Hawthorne neighbourhood where we're staying, and picking up some groceries, I checked The Weather Network, because it sure felt darn hot out there... It's 32 degrees folks. I might as well be in Mexico. Unfortunately Portland is lacking in pristine beaches.

Tomorrow morning we're off to explore the city. I want to do a walking tour, but Luke doesn't. Given that one of their selling points is "no hills, no steps" maybe we should give it a miss. I guess it's designed for less active visitors, and really, who wants to be seen with a group of beige-pant wearing, bum-bag toting tourists? Not me. I already got asked about the bus timetable today and I was wearing my giant backpack!

More soon...

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