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Special Times on a Rainy Weekend

Lifestyle & Culture | March 15, 2009

Well, I screwed up big time...

This weekend has been extra special for me.

First, I stood up a brunch date on Saturday morning. In my defense, we'd never actually confirmed it was going to be at that exact time or day, just that weekend, but the other party assumed it would be, as we'd missed a previous brunch date on Saturday at 10am before...

Second, that get-together I blogged about yesterday? You know, the one that was the positive note in my last post? Well, turns out it was on SATURDAY not SUNDAY. That was uber special.

Thing is, I'm usually so organised, I remember everything, I never miss an appointment, I never stand up a date, and I certainly don't get Saturday confused with Sunday. But, I did, and it feels a little odd.

So, this week, I aim to keep all appointments. I will turn up on the right day at the right time to each one, and I will be congenial and engaged (of course I'm always congenial and engaged, but I will be EXTRA congenial and engaged this week). I promise.

Any Comments?

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