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Okanagan Weekend DONE

Lifestyle & Culture | September 4, 2008

Grapes on the vine

So, my weekend in the Okanagan was amazing. The weather was gorgeous (apart from getting rained on during brunch on the first day) the wines were delectable and the food was pretty well up to par. I think the gang and I set some sort of record on Saturday, fitting in 8 wineries in 4.5 hours. That's going to make Guiness right?

Unfortunately the lowlight of the weekend (as opposed to the highlight) was a 7-hour trip to Kelowna on Friday night. That's right folks, we left Vancouver at 6pm and didn't get to Kelowna until 1am (we should have been there around 10pm). There was flooding on the highway (unbeknownst to us) and we were pretty much at a standstill until the toll gate (which is just over an hour from Kelowna).

Luckily the guys that rented the car had chosen creature comforts over a roomy interior and while we were left with a smaller car it did have leather seats (most important) and a DVD player. Ever since I'd seen those things in cars back in 2004 I'd thought the concept was abhorrent - subduing children with a movie during a car trip just didn't seem right. They should be fighting and screaming and asking if you're there yet! However, I quickly changed my tune as the traffic ground to a halt and we were left with no choice but to crack out Dirty Dancing and relax in the relative comfort of the car (piled with pillows, sleeping bags and mattresses - hey at least I had something to rest my head on!)

After two intense days of wine tasting we headed home completely exhausted with 18 bottles of wine and a $500 credit card bill. I am hoping to post some reviews and articles of my wine tasting extravaganza soon, so stay tuned!

Mission Hill vines

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