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Photography | January 28, 2009

I've blogged about photography and I've blogged about the weather, and today I'm going to blog about them together. AH! I hear you say, photography and weather together at last.

You might be thinking this blog is going to be about the fact that cloudy skies make better sunsets, or that you should always take photos of flowers after the rain, but no, it's about neither of these things. In fact, it's probably going to be entirely unhelpful to both photographers and meteorologists alike, but here I go anyway...

The weather in Vancouver sucks at the moment. And I don't mean, oh it's a little rainy, or man, isn't it a bit cold. No, it truly sucks. Not only did we get about 1metre of snowfall over the Christmas period, but it's been hovering around zero or negative temperatures since half-way through December.

And what, prey tell, does this have to do with photography? In my opinion, being the sun-loving child of the sea that I am, it has everything to do with photography. Because, when it's snowing, raining, freezing or any combination of the three, my motivation to head outdoors and snap a few images decreases to pretty much zero, along with the temperature.

I know, a lot of you out there will say that there are a great images to be had at any time, and sometimes the most dramatic pictures will be taken in just these conditions! Don't get me wrong, I agree with that whole-heartedly, but frankly, I'm just not into it.

My hands get cold, I'm paranoid about getting my camera wet, I walk five blocks and my shoes are soaked, and how, I ask you, does one carry both an umbrella and a DSLR? Unless the scores of images of underside of a stripy umbrella are high in demand, I'm pretty much getting nothing of quality in these dire circumstances.

So, what is the undoubtedly enlightening and life-changing conclusion to this blog post? It is this my friends - winter is lame and summer is cool. Bring on the warm weather is what I say! Without it my addiction to photography is hanging in the balance...

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