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Day 7 - Waiting for the Bus...

North American Travel | June 7, 2009

Our cosy room at Bluebird Guesthouse

Today we have our first really long bus trip - 17 hours from Portland to San Francisco - but the bus doesn't leave until 6.40pm tonight. We are spending the day once again wandering around the Hawthorne neighbourhood, and have stopped for a coffee at Stumptown (where I'm writing this). We have about 5.5 more hours to kill before we head to the greyhound station, but I think it will pass relatively easily as we get to hang out at the Bluebird Guesthouse for as long as we need to.

It's strange how, as a traveler, you immediately try and make each place you stay feel a little like home. This also makes it harder to leave. And, as Luke and I both know this will be one of the nicer places we will be staying, it's going to be even harder.

The Bluebird Guesthouse really has felt like a home away from home, and it's in such a lovely, funky, fun neighbourhood. We would spend each morning over coffee and muffin at the little table in the kitchen discussing the day's plans, then each evening eating our traveler's fare with a wee bit of wine. The rooms are so cute and comfortable, they even had robes to wear to and from the showers - not something we are likely to see again!

Wish us luck on our gigantic bus ride!

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Cute little desk in our room at the Bluebird Guesthouse

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