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Day 5 - Still Alive

Lifestyle & Culture | June 6, 2009

Coffee at Stumptown on SE Belmont Street

The heat wave has abated, the rain has started, and I'm feeling at home - it's like Vancouver all over again! But, we have a way bigger room than we did in Vancouver... We're staying at a place called the Bluebird Guesthouse in the Hawthorne neighbourhood of Portland and it's absolutely lovely. It almost makes me want to stay at home and drink tea all day instead of exploring the city. So far I have resisted that urge, but also had a few cups of tea while I have been at home to make up for it.

And yes, we're still alive, but we also haven't caught the greyhound again yet. That will come on Sunday evening when we hop a greyhound and spend 17 hours in transit to get to our next destination - San Francisco! I am not at all looking forward to that trip. I'm hoping I can sleep most of the night away, and given my natural inclination for falling asleep in cars, buses and trains, I think I should be okay.

Today we spent the day wandering up and down SE Belmont Street and SE Hawthorne Boulevard, which are two of the main streets in the Hawthorne area, along with the one our guesthouse is on, which is SE Division Street. We stopped once again at Stumptown Coffee for an amazing latte and some wifi action on the old iPod Touch, then wandered in and out of second hand stores, including both clothing and books. The Hawthorne neighbourhood reminds me of the West End in Brisbane, or a more up-market version of Commercial Drive in Vancouver. It's a strange neighbourhood, with shops, cafes and restaurants interspersed between residential areas. But, it's a lovely wander and I managed to get a few cool shots of bright spring blooms just after the rain.

Tomorrow we're off to the famous Portland Saturday Markets (which are now actually held on both Saturdays and Sundays). There are loads of arts, crafts and food vendors there, so hopefully I can resist the urge to buy (I never do well at markets where my wallet is concerned).

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