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Day 22 - A Macaque for the road

North American Travel | June 27, 2009

Monty Escaping the Zoo

There is a mascot in our midst, and his name is Monty.

We spent Monday exploring the San Diego zoo. It's a massive area of winding paths, walkways and stairs, with animals from all over the world barking, tweeting, squawking, roaring and making a general ruckus. The highlight for both Luke and myself was probably the Bonobos. These are a type of monkey that, according to a somewhat overly-informed English backpacker we met, are the only other animals that are self aware, and that have sex for reasons other than procreation. He claims to have watched a documentary on them in high school, but from the way he was ogling the monkeys, I'm starting to think it was something more...

Anyway, the zoo was quite fun.

On the way out, as we were walking past the gift shop stacked to the gills with a plethora of soft toys, plastic nick-knacks, and garishly printed t-shirts, a wee monkey caught my eye. His black face and fuzzy grey chest looked like they would provide hours of comfort and entertainment on the long greyhound rides, and his little black hands were practically begging us to help him escape the zoo and make our backpacks his home. Really, this little guy just needed to see the world, so what was I to do but cough up $10 + tax, strap him to my handbag and make our escape from the zoo.

The tag on his ear informed us that he was a lion-tailed Macaque. Okay, sure. So, we promptly named him Monty, started talking to him as if he were real, and taking pictures of him on every monument we walked passed, documenting his escape from the zoo like the momentous occasion it surely was.

Monty is going to be our mascot and traveling companion for the rest of our journey through the USA and beyond. Happily, his hands and feet have little velcro pads attached, which make him much easier to carry around.

Say hi to Monty!

More soon...


1. J on June 29, 2009

Wow... not gone a month an already developing imaginary friends and puppets. Now you know why we thought the bongo was so engaging :-)

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