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Day 20 - Another Burrito Down

North American Travel | June 20, 2009

Benny's Mexican Food in San Diego, where the rice and beans did me in!

Do you know that San Diego is about 27km from the Mexican border? Interesting fact. Also interesting is that they have a Mexican restaurant on almost every corner, which suits me just fine, since Mexican is one of my favourite things to eat.

Today we walked from our hostel to the South Park then North Park disctricts, basically a random wander that ended at a pre-determined destination discovered on It's the only decent coffee shop marked on that map for San Diego, and I always figure that walking somewhere randomly will allow me to see a lot of a city and get a feel for some different neighbourhoods. If it ends with an amazing coffee, then that's just a bonus right? For anyone interested it was Caffe Calabria in North Park (at 30th and University).

Another interesting fact is that they don't provide transfers when you ride the bus in San Diego. It's either a $2.25 ticket for one trip or a $5 day pass. Luke and I had seen a Mexican place we wanted to eat today that was about half way into our 2 hour walk to the coffee shop. We got the bus back and because we are stubborn and tight, we decided to walk again for the rest of the way home after we had lunch. Even though this took us another hour, it was probably a good thing, since the portions were king sized. I ate about 2/3 of my burrito. I must remember not to order the rice and beans. The problem is that you get in there, and it smells so good, and it's all so cheap, that you want to try a bit of everything. So, you go with the combo of burrito + rice + beans. Then, you get served and realise it's way too much food. Plus, the rice is bland and the beans are so so. The burrito is the main star, but you always forget that in the excitement of ordering. So you hoe down and what happens? You get partway through and realise that you have enough food to sustain you for an entire day and you have to give up (unless of course you are Luke who ate all of his plus some of mine...)

Anyway, we walked home and now I'm knackered.

Interesting fact. Apparently when I was little I hardly ever used to cry, only if I was hungry, and as soon as I ate something I was okay again. I realised today that this habit has not really gone away. I was so cranky on the bus on the way to the Mexican place, then after I ate I was happy as a lark. Luke should really be paying attention to this, and keep an ham and cheese sandwich in his bag at all times, and maybe some M & Ms. As soon as I get cranky he should give me a snack and all will be well in the world.

Tomorrow we might go to the zoo.

More soon...

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