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Colour me pink

Lifestyle & Culture | April 13, 2010

Dammit. Number two. That’s another inch of champers over the balcony rail. Why do these flies have a death wish so closely associated with my champagne flute of pink bubbly sparkling?

They’re buzzing like crazy, there’s a fly cover over all the cheese and crackers, and my “Pink” warms in the glass faster than I can gulp it down. But, on the upside, this is Australia and once empty my glass is filled again before I can blink. Luke's niece, only 9, even partakes in the filling when she sees I’m ready for a refill after the second fly suicide. Atta girl!

There’s lasagna and potato bake in the oven inside, but at 1pm no-one is in a rush to eat lunch anytime soon. The boys are slogging away at a game of cricket in the open-air garage, the girls are relaxing, swatting flies, talking, and taking in the view which is nothing short of spectacular.

Luke's sister and family live on Doon Doon Road, Doon Doon. No joke. They have a huge farm that you get to on a dirt road for the last kilometre or so. There is a mountain in their backyard – Mount Doughboy (again, not joking). And with a few horses in a nearby paddock, rolling hills in the distance and green as far as the eye can see, it’s pretty much a perfect location.

We have been invited for lunch, it’s the first time all the kids and their partners have gotten together – ever. Partly because before they didn’t all have partners, and partly because Luke and I have been travelling for the better part of 6 years.

So, when lunch finally does roll around at 4pm everyone is relaxed, having consumed the better part of a bottle of Pink, or several beers. We eat, talk, pass food down the end of the table. Clear the plates, talk more, pour more, and sit at the table for a while longer.

Finally, to top the day off in true Australian fashion there is a game of football (touch only). We wander down to the designated football area, glasses in hand. I don’t play (for obvious reasons to anyone that knows me) but I laugh and watch as the boys, men and girls throw each other on the grass, run for their life, dodge, weave, shout, jibe and hobble off on gammy knees (the older generation at least).

By the time we’re done the sun has set. We drive home with the windows down and the cool autumn air streaming into the car. These were the type of days I’d fantasize about when I was homesick in Vancouver, the sun, the wine, the food and laughter. Of course we had them in Vancouver too, but unless there’s a fly in your champers and a sting in the sunshine it’s not really the same is it?

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