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Back on the Bandwagon, Vancouver Style

North American Travel | March 14, 2009

After 3 glorious weeks in the sunshine of Australia I'm back in Vancouver, and guess what? It's raining... awesome.

Here are some observations about the weather, winter and Vancouver:

  1. It's much harder to wake up because the light is not as bright. In Australia I woke up every day at around 6.30am. I didn't feel tired, and was energetic all day.
  2. There is little motivation to get out and do anything when the weather is as crappy as it is. So, you stay inside and pretty much do nothing. Just getting the groceries today was a mission. Without a car, we set off on our bikes in the rain, packed two backpacks, one bike basket and two shopping bags full of food (okay and wine) and cycled home. Wet. Miserable. Much more effort than you would like to think.
  3. I can't wear all my awesome jewellery because when you have a scarf, jacket and gloves on, the really chunky stuff just doesn't fit, and that's the stuff I love.
  4. It hampers my general fashion sense. Being brought up at the Sunshine Coast in Australia means I'm used to dressing for warm weather. I find that in this cold weather I can't quite seem to get it together, fashion-wise. Also, why is everyone wearing jeans? I can't say that I'm any better, but when it's cold the only real casual long pant option is jeans, and that means there are 1000s of clones walking the streets of Vancouver each day giving a denim salute.

Pessimistic? Yes.

Realistic? I think so.

Is there any hope? Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Summer, 10 glorious weeks of the year.

On a happier note, I'm heading to a photographic get-together with one of Vancouver's best photographers, David duChemin, this Sunday afternoon. Being a local Vancouverite for many years now, I'm hoping David has some inspiration and advice on how to make the most of photography in Vancouver. He's been doing a series of posts lately on photographic vision, and forcing himself to pick up his camera for an hour a day and shoot - no matter what. That's an interesting experiment in itself.

I'll keep you posted...

Any Comments?

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