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Bay's career has been many and varied due to a penchant for traveling the world. After completing a double degree in Business Management and Journalism at the University of Queensland in 2002 she was lucky enough to land herself a job at Brisbane's Quest Community Newspapers. A year of roving reporting brought the epiphany that journalism and Bay didn't jive. So, she up and packed her bags to spend a ski season at one of Australia's premier destinations, Thredbo Alpine Resort. For Bay, learning to snowboard was one of life's great challenges, and three months on the slopes saw many a tantrum and snowball thrown. Coming out relatively unscathed, Bay hopped a plane to the land of Leprechauns and Guinness for a five-month secretarial stint and a three-month camping trip around Europe. Finally, in 2006, she came to rest for a while in the beautiful, rainy, and ever-exciting city of Vancouver. She hit the slopes once more, honed her skills to perfection (well almost) and decided a permanent change in career was in order. Now she operates under the official title of Business Analyst, but with Flickspin up and running, her previous journalism skills are back in action. Vancouver and the surrounding region offered many delights to feed Bay's vices, most notably, some great coffee shops, excellent cycling paths, amazing local wine regions and a generally awesome lifestyle.

In June 2009 Bay started traveling once again and blogged her way through North America, Cuba, Mexico and Central America for 6 months.

Now, she's back in Brisbane, with the city at her feet and the travel bug at her heels. Set down for the indefinite future, Bay will be unravelling a city and country that seemed so familiar overseas but upon returning are far different than the ideas she held in her memory.

Bris-vegas, what a city, what a lady,
She drives me crazy, rhyme rhymes about her daily.

- Resin Dogs

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Bigfoot Hostel in Leon, Nicaragua claims to be all about good vibes, peace and happiness. This does not, however, seem to be the case in reality.

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Portland's Bluebird Guesthouse is a tranquil retreat in a funky neighbourhood, packed with great coffee shops, cafes and second-hand stores.

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What to do in New Orleans but eat, drink and be merry, listening to some inspiring and soul stirring music.

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Published: May 5, 2010

As promised, I am tackling Brisbane with vigour and enthusiasm.

What a city, what a lady

Published: April 24, 2010

Moving to a new place is hard, probably harder when you've lived there before in a completely different era of your life.

Colour me pink

Published: April 13, 2010

An Australian get-together.

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters are brewing up a storm at their Seattle and Portland locations.

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